Free Minecraft Codes


How To Get Free Minecraft Codes

Minecraft has become a very popular game for the PC and as well the Xbox-360.  With the popularity increasing, some are looking for free codes for Minecraft.  It is not a way to trick the creators, just some don't have the extra cash or would just like to save some extra cash.  There is a way to get FREE MINECRAFT CODES.  This is all done on this site who is partnered with

Exactly how do I do this?

It is pretty simple how you get free minecraft codes.  This is no scam or some created generator that could potentially harm your system or computer.  This is a 100% legit and legal and approved by hundreds of thousands of successful members.  You can watch videos, play gun games, enter contest, take surveys that interest you and tons more!

How to Sign Up

1. Fill in all details on the following pages


3.Start earning points by going under the earn points tab.

How to redeem your free code

When you have gotten enough points all you do is go under the "Spend Points" tab and then "Gift Cards" and redeem from there.  From here you can get a premium free via email.  Just allow a couple of business days and your code will be in your e-mail. Enjoy!

Proof Section

Can you get other free stuff?

You can get whatever your heart desires on  You can get clothing, games, consoles, shoes, computers, the possibilities are endless.  You  can even get cold hard cash and gift cards to the top retailers such as Best Buy and Wal-mart